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How to Pit Cherries without a Special Kitchen Gadget

We have WAY too many tart cherries and WAY too many kitchen gadgets; therefore, I refuse to buy a cherry pitter. I have so many kitchen gadgets that  when I got new dining room furniture a few months ago, I specifically bought pieces that have a lot of hidden storage (like 40"x20" worth per piece). They're almost full. I bought 8 quarts of tart cherries from the farmers market, which equated to about 20 pounds. That's a lot of cherries to pit! I tried cutting the pits out, squeezing … [Read more...]

Gluten Free, Soy Free, Diary Free Dinner Recipe: Pork Tenderloin with a Tart Cherry Sauce

It's cherry season! The last few weeks I've been eyeing the tart cherries at the farmers market.  After eating about 2 pounds of sweet cherries after a 4th of July trip to Traverse City, MI. I decided it was time for me to try tart cherries - they taste like crap uncooked.  Time to create some recipes!  My first, a sweet and savory Pork Tenderloin with a Tart Cherry Sauce. This turned out AMAZING! In fact, my husband and I liked it so much that I've decided to can some tart cherry jam and freeze … [Read more...]

Organic Canning: Pickled Beet Recipe

I harvested some beets a few days ago (if you're growing your own and don't know when to harvest check out my post here).  They weren't on the meal plan for this week and I've got plenty more growing so I decided to can these ones.  Some of my favorite canning recipes come from Better Homes and Gardens 2011 Canning Magazine - I can't help but buy their "special interest" magazines at the checkout counter at the store.  I bought this a few years ago and I think the recipes in it have been my … [Read more...]

When to Harvest Beets? My Organic Garden Harvest

This is my first year trying my hand at growing organic beets.  I'm not a professional gardener although I've been gardening every summer for the last few years.  Growing these guys was pretty easy. In fact, next year I'm growing more. Why? You ask.... Well.... There are plenty of reasons to like beets other than the taste...Some people think beets taste like dirt.  I never realized it until a friend who had never tried one before stole one off my plate last summer and made a nasty face. I … [Read more...]

Gluten Free, Soy Free, Pork Asian Pot Sticker Recipe

So, what are they exactly?  Are they Asian pot stickers? Gyozas? Asian dumplings?  Chinese dumplings?  I'm not exactly sure. All I know is this is one of the few times I created a perfect gluten free, soy free recipe on try #1 (this recipe is actually cane sugar free too!)  and quite frankly, I don't really care to categorize them because these turned out SO AMAZING that I'm never making any changes. I've said it before and I'll say it again.... the type of food I miss the most is Asian - … [Read more...]