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Bacon, Ham, Veggie & Potato Breakfast Skillet

I'm so excited, I walked outside and my first orange pepper is ready to be picked! It's teensie tiny but an extra pepper means I can use some peppers in today's breakfast without cutting into the amount I'll need for tonight's garlic scape pasta! I had a few potatoes that needed to be used, bacon and leftover ham in the freezer, and extra red onions and now pepper so I put together this yummy dish. It's amazing on it's own but even better topped with some homemade salsa (I had the best canned … [Read more...]

Summer Canning Series; Preserving the Harvest, Week by Week

It's the middle of peak canning season and I have NO time to do it :( On top of all of the things that normally keep you busy during the summer in Michigan (fun things like vacations up North, boating, etc) my family has been crazy doing other stuff.  I got my real estate license, my son has had to start patching his eye for 6 hours a day (long story and I'm not going to go into it), my Etsy business has been doing pretty well (Wedding season, you know?) AND my husband and I started a business. … [Read more...]

How to Grow Organic Broccoli; Organic Gardening

I harvested my second head of broccoli yesterday! I love it when these cool weather, supposedly not going to work in my 6a garden actually work out! Especially when I’ve been nurturing these little guys for literally 4 months. I’m not kidding, I planted these seeds inside on March 10th and here I am harvesting broccoli head number 2 on July 10th! I have grown 1 or 2 heads of broccoli in the past when I lived in Chicago (in zone 5a) and it seemed to grow just fine, but then I kept reading … [Read more...]