Starting Seeds Inside: Starting My Organic Garden

I hate waking  up. Like REALLY. In college, everyone knew I was never up before noon – NEVER. Yes, that means I skipped ALL morning classes.  For the last few years I felt like I was getting up early if I could catch McDonalds breakfast (that ends at 11am). I don’t know what this garden is doing to me – but for the last few weeks, I’ve been waking up at 8am dreaming about seed starting….. So you know what I do? I get up and start planting.

The first Frost Free Date in my zone is May 15th this year. According to SmartGardener that meant that the earliest I could start seeds was March 9th – and I was ready with the self-watering seed starting kit I’ve used every year for the last 2….

My Trusty Self Watering Seed Starter

My Trusty Self Watering Seed Starter


And here are the seeds I started on 3/9: All organic of course!

My Organic Vegetable Seeds

My Organic Vegetable Seeds

36 Spinach

4 Jalepeno

8 Celery Utah

3 Tendercrisp Celery

9 Red Bell Peppers

4 Orange Bell Peppers

9 Green Bell Peppers

3 Quatro Giallo Peppers

12 Tess’s Land Currant Tomatoes

12 Pepperoncini Peppers

8 Romaine Lettuce

My seed started includes expandable pellets made from coconut fiber. Here’s what they look like… Just add some warm water and they expand to fill the cells… NO THAT’S NOT POOP! It’s an expanded pellet!

Coconut Fiber Seed Starting Pellets Before and After Water

Coconut Fiber Seed Starting Pellets Before and After Water

Then just add 2-3 seeds to each cell according the seeds specifications (all of mine where just dropped right on top of the soil). Fill the bottom with water, cover, and let grow!

New seeds will be started every few weeks so expect to see quite a few garden posts from me in the near future!

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