Green Cleaning & Conditioning Leather Furniture; Cleaning with Castile Soap

The first day of Spring was Sunday and I've been bit by the spring cleaning bug....actually, I was bit a few weeks ago when we had a few days of 50 degree weather. The sun was shining, a nice spring breeze trickled through the windows, which had been begging to be opened for months, and I walked over to relax for a minute on my 4 year old cream leather couch...and noticed it's not so cream anymore. Want to see? The right side is cleaned, the left is before. Yikes! Less than a year ago, I … [Read more...]

Day 7 of 10 Halloween Activities: Painting the Carpet?

It's day 8 of my 10 days of Halloween activities posts and....Well, I skipped day 7 and this activity probably won't rank very high on your to do lists. Why? Well, first let me tell you a story. Yesterday, I left my husband at home with my 2 year old while I took my 12 year old dog to the groomer. Why did she have to go to get groomed? Because that 2 year old helped me make  GF Apple Cinnamon pancakes yesterday and, when I turned around to flip the pancakes on the skillet, he grabbed a measuring … [Read more...]

Choo Choo Train, Vintage Railroad, Americana Themed Second Birthday

This Vintage Railroad, or, as my son calls it "Choo Choo Train" Birthday party was amazing so I have to share the details! The day of the party was perfect, 67 and sunny (the weather has since turned to fall and we've got cornstalks flanking the front door and pumpkins on our porch BUT I promised a post with all the details - better late than never). The party spanned my entire house. My driveway had some couches to lounge on, a table with beverages, snacks, and also in the front yard, a bounce … [Read more...]

Could I have Food Intolerances? What are Symptoms of Food Intolerances?

If you're here you are probably wondering "Could I have food intolerances? What are the symptoms of food intolerances? Is there such a thing as food intolerances?" Maybe you're a believer, maybe not - either way, please read on, it could change your life :) and I PROMISE food will taste BETTER THAN EVER! My life has changed so dramatically over the last few years. Allergies have always affected my life because I was born with a life threatening peanut allergy, my food intolerances aren't life … [Read more...]

The Garfield Park Conservatory, Chicago – A Place to Take Baby!

So, my babe is now just more than 6 months old, it's March, it's snowy, it's cold, and I'm in the midst of some RIDICULOUS cabin fever! I never really thought about being a mom, in fact, even when I was pregnant I didn't think about what it would be like with a little one around.  I was scared of babies so I hadn't even held one since I was little. I had no idea what I was getting into! Once you have the baby you become a huge ball of emotions (well, at least I did).  It's the biggest love … [Read more...]

My Gluten Free, Diary Free, Soy Free, Nut Free Life and How To Live it!

I have always been nut free; not by choice, errr…. I guess by choice because I want to keep living. I found out when I was young that I was allergic to soy - I gave it up for 2 years per the suggestion of my allergist and then started eating it again (supposedly it was supposed to make the allergy go away - it didn't happen). By May 2012, I felt like crap! At that point I couldn't even really pinpoint when/why/how I felt like crap.  The following paragraphs will give you a brief glimpse into a … [Read more...]