Using a Heat Mat to Speed Germination:

So, like I mentioned before. The mold got me. It sucked.  Eleven days after I had planted my initial seeds in my seed starting tray I decided I needed a do-over. I was now behind the seed starting dates for a lot of stuff by about 1 ½ weeks. How can I fix this? A HEAT MAT!? I don't know but I'm gonna try! While I was at the gardening store figuring out how to stop the mold I was coerced into buying all new seed starting materials…..A LOT of it. Let me tell you, that guy was a good salesman … [Read more...]

What to do About Moldy Seed Starting Trays? Organic Gardening Mishap #1

Ok, so you probably saw my post that I started my first batch of seeds on 3/9. I planted more on 3/17. On 3/17 I planted tons of Rocky Top Lettuce mix,  tons of Arugula, 3 Calabrese Broccoli, 5 Waltham Broccoli, 5 Stonehead Cabbage, 4 Golden Cabbage, 25 Beets (I’ll be succession planting these for a total of 160) and 6 Eggplant. Fast forward to 3/20…. MOLD, and LOTS OF IT…. … [Read more...]

Starting Seeds Inside: Starting My Organic Garden

I hate waking  up. Like REALLY. In college, everyone knew I was never up before noon – NEVER. Yes, that means I skipped ALL morning classes.  For the last few years I felt like I was getting up early if I could catch McDonalds breakfast (that ends at 11am). I don’t know what this garden is doing to me – but for the last few weeks, I’ve been waking up at 8am dreaming about seed starting….. So you know what I do? I get up and start planting. … [Read more...]

Planning My Organic Garden: Smart Gardener

Every year I try to get really fancy while planning my garden – with grid paper, colored pencils, markers, etc. I beautifully begin to sketch out my two front beds, 1 back bed, and miscellaneous planters to visualize based on heights how it will all look like. Here’s how it turns out…. … [Read more...]

How To Grow Garlic: Planting Organic Garlic

When are you supposed to plant garlic? In the Fall. When am I planting Garlic? In January….. Why? You ask? Because I got lazy. Well, I hate to say lazy…. But, I had so much other stuff going on like Halloween and… I guess that’s all I can think of, but I felt really busy. … [Read more...]

Organic Gardening: Seed Catalogs in December? And How to Kill and Organic Garden

Halloween decorations are FINALLY put away (well actually packed in plastic tubs on the back deck while we try to redo the storage area in the basement) and Christmas decorations are up inside and out – they look pretty good if I do say so myself! … [Read more...]