How to Freeze Strawberries; Preserving Your Harvest

"Can we make stwawbewy umm.....Ummmm..... po....ummmm" "Popsicles?" I say with a huge grin. That was the first sentence out of Little Man's mouth this morning. Yes, we can make popsicles, jam, and many other strawberry filled things because yesterday me, my mom, and my toddler picked 20 lbs of "teensie tiny" strawberries from a farm about an hour from our house. Do I have time to make popsicles, jam, and other strawberry filled things right now? No. Why? Because tomorrow I'm headed up to … [Read more...]

How to Hard Boil Eggs Perfectly and Peel Easily (without sticking to the shell)

Happy Easter (tomorrow)! Today we went to brunch with my parents where they had an Easter egg hunt for the little man and a small petting zoo.  It was tiny but amazing because all of the kids just went into the fenced in areas and were able to hold baby chicks and ducks (my little man's favorites), as well as pet geese, goats, sheep and chickens.  I couldn't believe that the animals weren't freaking out (well....they probably were). Anyways, on the way home from brunch I called my mom and asked … [Read more...]