Organic Canning: Pickled Banana Pepper Recipe

I harvested some banana peppers last week - I picked 18 total and I have a TON left on the plants to ripen.  Now it's time to pickle them! I like this recipe because you can calculate the ingredients based on the number of pints you want to create.  My 18 peppers filled 4 pint jars. I used sweet banana peppers but you can use pretty much anything - last year I used Hungarian Wax Peppers (WAY too hot for me), Keep in mind that the amount of peppers needed is an estimate. My suggestion would be … [Read more...]

Organic Canning: Pickled Beet Recipe

I harvested some beets a few days ago (if you're growing your own and don't know when to harvest check out my post here).  They weren't on the meal plan for this week and I've got plenty more growing so I decided to can these ones.  Some of my favorite canning recipes come from Better Homes and Gardens 2011 Canning Magazine - I can't help but buy their "special interest" magazines at the checkout counter at the store.  I bought this a few years ago and I think the recipes in it have been my … [Read more...]

Gluten Free, Soy Free, Homemade “Everything” Seasoning/Rub – For Chicken, Pork, and more!

When I went gluten, soy, and more free we also decided to eat organic and try to stay away from commercially processed foods.  Making this change meant (1) a lot more work in the kitchen because almost everything is homemade, (2) I'd have to learn to use spices to make my own seasoning mixes instead of using store bought. I found this seasoning mix on a random forum somewhere, if I knew where, I would credit it.  They used it for a seasoning on chicken.  I use it in a TON of recipes so I make … [Read more...]

My Simple Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free Flour Mix

If you've read the post titled "My Gluten Free, Soy Free, Diary Free, Nut Free Life" you'll have a better understanding of all of the food restrictions that make my dietary choices pretty limited.  The flour blend below is the blend I use for nearly every recipe on this site.  I have intolerances to gluten, dairy, and soy, many grains ,such as amaranth, teff, and sorghum, to name a few. Worst of all, I'm allergic to tree nuts and deathly allergic to peanuts.  This flour mix is gluten free, dairy … [Read more...]