Halloween Activity 8 of 10: Egg Carton Spiders

We try to recycle around my house, actually, we don’t try, we do. We recycle a lot.  I’ve actually started getting a ton of anxiety lately about the amount of trash we (as a human race) produce….it’s really unbelievable (but that’s a post for another day).  Part of recycling means reusing things so here’s another activity that I remember doing during my childhood. Like most of the posts in my 10 Days of Halloween Activities series, this activity is a fun and easy activity for toddlers. My 2 year old loved it and I’m sure even elementary age kids could have fun making these.  If you saw yesterday’s post “painting the carpet?” experience, please note, these were painted before then. We’re taking a few days off from painting 🙂 – At least until we make this really cute platter to gift on Thanksgiving.

Egg Carton Spiders

Egg Carton Spiders

What you’ll need:

Empty cardboard egg carton

non-toxic acrylic paint (we used DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paint)

Paint Brushes (I am in love with these affordable brushes Crayola 5ct Art and Craft Brush Set)

Googly eyes (or Paste On Wiggle Eyes)

Black Pipe Cleaners

Once again, super easy.  Cut apart your egg cartons.  I love using the egg cartons as a palette for the paint so I left a section of 4 together.  Then let your LO paint away!

painting 4

painting 2

painting 3

After you finish painting, glue on some eyeballs and poke 4 holes on each side for the legs. Poke the pipe cleaners through the holes and voila! Now be prepared to be chased around the house by your LO screaming “pider”(if you have a little boy like me)

Egg Carton Spiders 1

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