High Dose Vitamin C – Does it work to cure a cold?

I just looked outside and it’s SNOWING….yes, SNOWING! Why does it seem like it always snows on Halloween? Last week it was seriously in the 60s! So, it’s Halloween morning. My son is sleeping in the room next to me, I’m writing and recovering from a cold. It seems like I’ve been getting colds non-stop lately. Actually, it doesn’t just seem like it, I have….. I had one in early August, late September and now, late October. We went to the apple orchard on Sunday with Little Man and the grandparents, it was FREEZING and I definitely wasn’t prepared for it. After 3 hours there I was chilled to the bone. We went to dinner and at the tail end of it I felt that feeling. You know, the eyes burning, sinuses stinging feeling. I hoped that it was just something I ate (it happens when I eat sugar, or corn syrup, or am in chlorine) but no, Monday morning I woke up feeling like absolute crap.

Lately, it seems like I’m always getting sick.  Prior to 2012, when I gave up gluten, dairy, and soy (I’m also nut free due to allergies), I was getting sick often and it was always horrible. I didn’t catch colds. It seemed like every illness turned into the achy, feverish flu, or bronchitis, or worse, pneumonia. In high school, I had strep throat and bronchitis every year, my strep even turned into scarlet fever once. Changing my diet, supplementing with quality probiotics and supplements such as vitamin d, and good hygiene (I’m a fanatic about washing my hands) has seemed to help a ton.  Now, when I get sick, it’s usually just a cold and it almost always lasts only a few days BUT it’s still not fun! The last few months it seems like something has changed, I’ve been getting sick nonstop!  Could it be that my Little Man started preschool? It could be. He started school in January of last year and it didn’t seem like we suffered too many days of ick. This year it’s been a different story –  it seems like I’m super susceptible to colds, probably from Little Man bringing them home – hence the 3 colds in 3 months.

I’m somewhat new to orthomolecular medicine and Vitamin C – you can check out boweltolerance.org to see where I’m getting my information.  This site was started by a group on facebook that I joined.


Edit: February 6, 2018 – So I’ve been taking LivOn Labs Lyso-speric vitamin C since this post on Halloween and I am happy to report that I haven’t been sick! NO SICKNESS FOR THE ENTIRE WINTER! Until today, you know why? I forgot to take my vitamin C for 2 days straight. If that doesn’t say something about the power of vitamin C I don’t know what does! I just popped in to write this. I will continue this discussion later (when I feel better)!



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