Crock Pot Buffalo Chili; Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free Recipe

Everytime my mom swings by she's dropping me random things.  A lot of times, like 2 weeks ago when I was sick, she'll swing through and bake a quick Broccoli and Ham Quiche for me (they are our go-to,  we store them in the fridge (they're good for at least 4 days) if we don't have the time or energy to cook breakfast in the near future), the time before that, some pickled herring for me to drop off to my grandma, after thanksgiving, a turkey carcass for me to make broth, and about a month ago, … [Read more...]

Crock Pot Pulled Chicken Tacos/Burritos/Nachos/Tostadas; Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free Recipe

Mexican is a staple at our house because it's easy and quick. This pulled chicken taco, burrito, taquito, nacho, tostada meat is gluten free, soy free, and dairy free! It's also flavorful without using those full of preservative packets.  We make this every few weeks.  We make a lot of the meat and make multiple meals out of it.  Sometimes, we'll just cook the meat in the crock pot and add seasonings after so we can mix half of the meat with barbecue sauce and have pulled chicken … [Read more...]

Portuguese Kale and Chorizo Soup Slow Cooker Recipe, Gluten Free, Soy Free

So, the weather's finally turned freezing here in Chicago so it's time to get the kale out of the ground. I still feel like a really crazy new mother without a ton of time to cook or eat, so I've decided to make some soup. Amazing because I can dump everything a pot, and I can eat it one bite at a time as I have time :) This can be made on the stove top, but I decided to make it in the crock pot because I just don't have the time to watch a pot on the stove. The soup is great the day it's made … [Read more...]