Using a Heat Mat to Speed Germination:

So, like I mentioned before. The mold got me. It sucked.  Eleven days after I had planted my initial seeds in my seed starting tray I decided I needed a do-over. I was now behind the seed starting dates for a lot of stuff by about 1 ½ weeks. How can I fix this? A HEAT MAT!? I don’t know but I’m gonna try!

While I was at the gardening store figuring out how to stop the mold I was coerced into buying all new seed starting materials…..A LOT of it. Let me tell you, that guy was a good salesman and I was eating it up. Anything for my organic garden.  He’d recommend, I’d say yes.

–          4 seed starting trays with holes

–          4 seed starting trays without holes

–          3 green house domes with vents (to hopefully provide more air circulation this time around

–          The upgraded heat mat

–          About 150 soil pellets (the guy tried to upsell me into something for hi-tech but I like these for starting things with weak root systems)

–           2 trays of Starter plugs that are apparently made from spun rock and go directly into the ground when you plant

–          Organic fertilizer

With all my new supplies in hand, I decided to replant all of my seeds that got moldy in the spun rock planters…. Here’s how you do that…

::Pic of Starter plugs::

Easy enough huh? Done and done. The tray of seed starter plugs goes on top of the heat mat.

I’ve never used a heat mat before so I’m not sure how much  it will speed up germination but I’ll post an update once things start to sprout.

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