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High Dose Vitamin C – Does it work to cure a cold?

I just looked outside and it's SNOWING....yes, SNOWING! Why does it seem like it always snows on Halloween? Last week it was seriously in the 60s! So, it's Halloween morning. My son is sleeping in the room next to me, I'm writing and recovering from a cold. It seems like I've been getting colds non-stop lately. Actually, it doesn't just seem like it, I have..... I had one in early August, late September and now, late October. We went to the apple orchard on Sunday with Little Man and the … [Read more...]

Chicken, Tomatillo, and Bean Chili; Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Nut Free Recipe

Well, you can congratulate me :) I got through the entire summer without posting any new healthy recipes! IIn my mind I have hopes that this delicious Chicken Tomatillo Chili will be the first of a few this fall but my track record is not that great! I have been sooooo busy, and because I've been busy, I haven't been experimenting in the kitchen much and have been "cheating" a lot.  My household is always gluten free, dairy free (we I am at least), soy free, and nut free - even when we're busy … [Read more...]