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How Much Does a Heat Mat Speed Germination? My Organic Garden Update

The heat mat WORKS! Ridiculously well, so well in fact that I’m definitely buying a second one next year. I’ve had the batch 2 of my seedlings going since 3/20 – it’s now 10 days later and everything seems to be growing strong! … [Read more...]

Using a Heat Mat to Speed Germination:

So, like I mentioned before. The mold got me. It sucked.  Eleven days after I had planted my initial seeds in my seed starting tray I decided I needed a do-over. I was now behind the seed starting dates for a lot of stuff by about 1 ½ weeks. How can I fix this? A HEAT MAT!? I don't know but I'm gonna try! While I was at the gardening store figuring out how to stop the mold I was coerced into buying all new seed starting materials…..A LOT of it. Let me tell you, that guy was a good salesman … [Read more...]

What to do About Moldy Seed Starting Trays? Organic Gardening Mishap #1

Ok, so you probably saw my post that I started my first batch of seeds on 3/9. I planted more on 3/17. On 3/17 I planted tons of Rocky Top Lettuce mix,  tons of Arugula, 3 Calabrese Broccoli, 5 Waltham Broccoli, 5 Stonehead Cabbage, 4 Golden Cabbage, 25 Beets (I’ll be succession planting these for a total of 160) and 6 Eggplant. Fast forward to 3/20…. MOLD, and LOTS OF IT…. … [Read more...]

Starting Seeds Inside: Starting My Organic Garden

I hate waking  up. Like REALLY. In college, everyone knew I was never up before noon – NEVER. Yes, that means I skipped ALL morning classes.  For the last few years I felt like I was getting up early if I could catch McDonalds breakfast (that ends at 11am). I don’t know what this garden is doing to me – but for the last few weeks, I’ve been waking up at 8am dreaming about seed starting….. So you know what I do? I get up and start planting. … [Read more...]