Halloween Activity 9 of 10: Decorating a Trick-or-Treat Bag

This series is almost coming to an end and honestly, I’m happy to see it go. Why? Because I’ve kept all of my Halloween paint, googley eyes, stickers, pipe cleaners, etc, out on my dining room table for the entire month and I’m ready to clean it up.  Also, I’m getting tired of my LO walking by the paint just about every hour and fussing that he wants to paint.  Even though we had quite the painting fiasco the other day, I decided to let him paint one last time because he needs a trick or treat bag for tomorrow night.  This would be a great activity to do for a kids Halloween party.

DIY Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bags

1 gift bag per person

tempera paint (or acrylic, just know that it’s not very washable) or….if you don’t want to get into the paint thing, washable markers and/or crayons

glitter pens

glue sticks or craft glue

Halloween themed stickers (I personally like this type Halloween Foam Craft Stickers)

Halloween Pom Poms (like theses,Halloween Craft Pom Poms )

Halloween Stamps (I would have done these if my son was a bit older, Halloween Stampers )

Googley Eyes (or Paste On Wiggle Eyes)

So honestly, there’s not a lot to say about this one.  Obviously, my LO painted this bag then we let it dry before we moved onto the stickers. Just let the LOs go wild!  Here’s a picture of all of the stickers, buttons, eyes, pipe cleaners, etc I put out for the little man.

Decorating stuff

All of that stuff and he pretty much was only into the cats for the first 15 minutes of decorating – then he branched out to pumpkins, candy corn, and ghosts.

DIY Trick or Treat Bags


 He still doesn’t have the love of stickers that I remember having as a kid – maybe he’s too young? Or are stickers a girly thing? He’s such a boy….. 🙂 Here’s the final bag….

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