How to Grow Organic Broccoli; Organic Gardening

I harvested my second head of broccoli yesterday! I love it when these cool weather, supposedly not going to work in my 6a garden actually work out! Especially when I’ve been nurturing these little guys for literally 4 months. I’m not kidding, I planted these seeds inside on March 10th and here I am harvesting broccoli head number 2 on July 10th!

I have grown 1 or 2 heads of broccoli in the past when I lived in Chicago (in zone 5a) and it seemed to grow just fine, but then I kept reading stuff online that I should really wait and grow broccoli in the fall only.  Who wants to omit the only green vegetable your toddler eats from their garden? Not me! So I tried growing it, multiple kinds, in multiple ways, in multiple seed starting mixes, potting up, not potting up,  etc. I dealt with multiple pests, and multiple ways to organically get rid of pests. My broccoli has been through a lot in this spring/early summer season (as have I) and I’ve done it all to document for  you (and myself) so that you and I can successfully grow broccoli every year! If you’re interested in growing broccoli for yourself, I would suggest pinning this post because I will link it to multiple posts as I write them during the year.


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