Strawberry Syrup from Strawberry Hulls and Tops

Strawberry season is coming to an end in Michigan.  Downstate it ended a few weeks ago. When we were Up North for the Fourth we could still find local strawberries, but that will probably end in a few days.  When the berries were in season downstate a few weeks ago my son, Mom and I went and picked 21 pounds of “teensie tiny” strawberries from Middleton Berry Farm in Ortonville, MI. I left for vacation 2 days after so I ended up freezing the majority of them (learn how here). Because strawberries have such a short season locally, its a shame to waste any part of them, hence why I’m sharing this strawberry syrup recipe.

So, I’ve never been one to waste anything actually.  I think the hardest part of having a toddler is the amount of food waste daily. I still can’t figure out how he can eat an entire quart of strawberries, half a banana, three slices of grassfed cheese, an egg and a piece of gf toast with grassfed butter one day, then only want a glass of OJ for breakfast the next. On a totally off subject, Little Man’s  great Grandma is Grandma June, last week he was painting and said he was making it for “Grandma OJ”. I was so confused and then realizes that he thinks she’s Grandma Juice – which he has shortened to “OJ”.  Anyways, a few months ago I stumbled upon a blog post where the writer blended up the strawberry tops she cut off her berries to make a strawberry syrup. What a great idea right? She pureed all of the tops and then strained. I  made it a different way because it just seemed weird to have the greenery in there. Plus, whenever we go strawberry picking the leaves and stems kind of make me itch. I figured better safe than sorry! I had 21 lbs of local strawberries that we had picked which gave me 2 batches of the Strawberry syrup (two pints total). It took only a few minutes to make and is going to be delicious over some coconut milk ice cream later, and maybe in a flavored soda!

I like to keep my syrup in some Ball pint or half pint jars like these:

 or (if I had the extra $$ to buy these) I would put it in something really adorable like this…

Strawberry Syrup from Strawberry Hulls and Tops



  • Add strawberry tops and sugar to a medium saucepot. Stir and let macerate for a few minutes. Add cup of water and heat to boiling, stirring occasionally. Reduce to a simmer and let cool for 7 minutes or so, crushing the berry tops with a potato masher (preferred) or the back of a spoon. Skim off any foam with a spoon. When it looks like all of the color is gone from all of the berry tops, strain through a seive or mesh colander, using a spoon to smash out any of the remaing juices. Pour into a pint jar (my preffered storage) or anything else. I actually split my 2 pints up into smaller half pints, kept one in the fridge and froze the others for later.
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