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How to Cook Planked Great Lakes Whitefish in the Oven

The absolute best whitefish I've ever had was in Kilarney, Canada a little town on the Northern Shore of the Georgian Bay in Ontario.  You literally watch the fishing boats coming in, they take the whitefish, clean them, and then bring them out to an old red school bus turned food stand where they fry it. The second best, from Charlevoix, MI, where I've vacationed since I was born.  That's where I was introduced to planked fish - which I recreate at home all the time! It makes for a light and … [Read more...]

Roasted Corn with Jalapeno and Lime: Summer Side Dish Recipe

I'm quite the baby when it comes to spicy food but every year I decide to grow jalapenos and then feel guilty if I don't use them.  I had a few that turned red which means they need to be picked.  I also bought some extra corn at the farmers market (25 ears to be exact - well, 20 of them are laying around waiting to be turned into corn relish) - so, what's for dinner? Some Great Lakes Whitefish and roasted corn with jalapenos.  My hubby and I had an amazing corn side dish at Michael Jordan's … [Read more...]

How to De-Kernel Corn: The Easiest and Least Messy Way Possible

It's corn season! Yum! I happen to have a husband that had his front teeth knocked out in a motorcycle accident before we met years ago (yes - he has teeth- but they're veneers) sooooo around my house we don't eat much corn on the cob.  Solution - get the corn off the cob! If you know me you know that I have a love/hate relationship with kitchen gadgets.  First, so many of them are so pointless - have you seen the banana slicer?  Really? Is it that hard to slice a banana on your own?  How big … [Read more...]

Organic Canning: Pickled Banana Pepper Recipe

I harvested some banana peppers last week - I picked 18 total and I have a TON left on the plants to ripen.  Now it's time to pickle them! I like this recipe because you can calculate the ingredients based on the number of pints you want to create.  My 18 peppers filled 4 pint jars. I used sweet banana peppers but you can use pretty much anything - last year I used Hungarian Wax Peppers (WAY too hot for me), Keep in mind that the amount of peppers needed is an estimate. My suggestion would be … [Read more...]

My Harvest So Far – My Organic Garden Update

So, I was going to post a new recipe today but to be quite honest, I'm not cooking because I'm busy :).  I decided instead that I would show give you an update on my garden/jungle.  Yes, it's pretty much a jungle.  I've harvested a TON of cherry tomatoes in the last 2 weeks and they are AMAZING! Five of these bad boys to be exact! My neighbors seem to think I went a bit overboard with the tomato plants.  I planted 16 of them in a pretty small space (1 per square foot) and then used tomato … [Read more...]

Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe: Best cookies I’ve found!

Not only are these gluten, soy, nut, peanut and dairy free - they're also nightshade free if you're like my husband and have to stay away from them. I've tried a million different chocolate chip cookie recipes. They have always turned out grainy, crumbly, and blah until NOW! The first time I made these my husband and I (mainly my husband) ate the entire batch in about 2 days (hence why I don't make them very often)! These cookies are the closest thing I've found to their gluten containing … [Read more...]

When to Harvest Banana Peppers? My Organic Garden

So, I've be scouring the web trying to figure out if my peppers are ready to be picked.  I've read multiple things but I was getting anxious to pick a few, especially because I want to make sure that I encourage growth of more.  Well, the mail man made the decision for me yesterday and decided that instead of walking the extra 20 or so feet around my garden from my neighbors house - he would walk RIGHT THROUGH it.  I'm so mad! I have literally been dedicating time to these now large pepper … [Read more...]